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Gifted education is a broad term for special practices, procedures and theories used in the education of children in K-12 education who have been identified as gifted or talented. Youths are usually identified as gifted by placing highly on certain standardized tests. Because gifted and/or talented youth are so perceptually and intellectually above the mean, it is appropriate to pace their lessons more aggressively, track them into honors, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate courses, or otherwise provide educational enrichment.

Unfortunately, the needs of many gifted students are still neglected, as schools tend to place more emphasis on improving education for the youths on the other side of the spectrum. This may be an unintended consequence of the development of disability rights litigation, which some pundits argue has led to the disabled receiving more resources than the more-than-abled. See Special education. As of 2002, only 37 US states have laws requiring that some services be made available for the gifted. Of these, approximately 28 require that the services must be adequate to meet to the educational needs of every gifted student. There is one federal law with respect to gifted education. The Jacob K. Javits Gifted & Talented Student Education Act of 1988 was renewed as part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in 1994 and as part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Gifted and talented programsEdit



United StatesEdit









North Carolina





South Australia

  • Ignite programme, Department of Education and Children's Services


England & WalesEdit

Fictional gifted programsEdit

  • Professor Xavier's School for the Gifted, (X-Men universe)

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